About Us

About Us



For more than two decades, Irvine & Company, LLC has been pleased to provide professional tax, audit, and other financial accounting solutions for a variety of businesses throughout Oregon and Washington.  Involved primarily in the alcoholic beverage, agriculture, and manufacturing industries, our comprehensive services include everything from financial reporting and tax management to business consulting.

Our 25-member team of seasoned professionals has experience from both the private sector and national CPA firms. This synergy of experience enables us to provide unparalleled expertise and specialization to large firms and small businesses alike — all with the personalized attention and responsiveness you deserve.

Guidance and Management

Irvine & Company will partner with you to move your business forward, to improve management and accounting systems, and to maintain compliance with tax laws.  By working as trusted advisors, we are able to identify the individual needs of each client and to assist them in recognizing opportunities, avoiding pitfalls, and utilizing resources in the most efficient and effective manner.

Peace of Mind

Irvine & Company is a professional, strategy-driven CPA firm with the know-how to improve profitability and take the anxiety out of tax, audit, and accounting issues. We focus on meeting the accounting, tax, and auditing needs of companies on the move — like yours — and ensuring that your financial situation is in line with your overall business strategy.  Let us provide your business with the peace of mind it needs to flourish.

Principles and Vision

At Irvine & Company, we strive to exceed the expectations of a standard CPA firm.  While we provide traditional tax, assurance, and accounting services, we pride ourselves on partnering with our clients to offer a 360-degree business-advocate experience.

We believe that building a relationship based on cooperation and trust is essential to providing you with the appropriate level of service needed for your business to thrive. We strive to serve our clients as if we were in their shoes.  Our approach is based on mutual respect and the constant goal to deliver the very best quality in our profession.


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