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A Diverse Team

With backgrounds varying from airline pilot to Outward Bound counselor and investment analyst to CFO, our business family is made of up of well-rounded, smart, and personable individuals. Utilizing our various experiences, our team is able to provide a unique perspective when solving complex problems.  While diverse in background, our team is wholly dedicated to serving our clients ethically, honestly and professionally.

A Common Purpose

To be the best because we believe that a cohesive office environment brings out the best in employees, our team meets every Monday morning to discuss the events of the week, share experiences, and organize team-building exercises. We encourage lifelong learning and give each team member an opportunity to share and to teach. The benefit of our unified team is that we are able to effectively leverage talents throughout the office to provide the very best in client service.

Meet the Team

Debbie Degener | Irvine & co. CPAs

Debbie Degener, CPA

Managing Partner

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Charlissa at Irvine and co CPAs

Charlissa Searle, CPA


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Nick Shepherd | Irvine co. CPAs

Nick Shepherd, CPA


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Jason Nishikawa | Irvine co CPAs

Jason Nishikawa, CPA


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Erin Amos | Irvine co CPAs

Erin Amos, CPA

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Josh Bickley | Irvine co CPAs

Josh Bickley, CPA

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Joe Briggs, CPA

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Laura Grover, CPA

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Carol Nelson, CPA

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Karly Tell, CPA

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Jake Unger, CPA

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