Joe Briggs

Joe Briggs

Joe Briggs, CPA

Joe is a licensed CPA with degrees in Business Management and Accounting, both earned at Portland State University.  He began his public accounting career at Irvine & Company in 2007.

Always optimistic and enthusiastic, Joe is a cornerstone at Irvine & Company.  In addition to heading up the information return compliance department, he also manages the firm administration.  And somehow he still finds the time to work closely with a number of larger winery and vineyard businesses. 

To relax in his off hours, Joe likes spending quality time with his family, hosting community board game nights, or taking in a concert.  He enjoys admiring or adding to one of his many collections: baseball cards, records, and comic books.  Joe also likes to drink, take pictures of, have opinions about, share, and wait in line to buy local craft brews. 

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